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Helping You Heal, Grow, Expand

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Dr. Kathy Lacina
  • Spiritual Counselor
  • Life Coach
  • Dream Therapist

Healing & Personal Growth have to start somewhere for all of us!

I have been in your shoes. I put on a great show for others for a long time. I didn't remember much of my past and thought that was normal for everybody. I was the Go-To person if you needed anything done. I tried to be the Best at everything I did because I craved some validation that I was normal. I never felt like I fit in anywhere, so I became the perfect chameleon.

I tried to be the best wife, the best Mom, Daughter, Sister, Boss, Employee, Student, and whatever else others needed me to be. I kept up the façade for many years during my early years of my Christianity and Seminary. I believed everything I was taught without much questioning until the day I broke down.


I can’t pinpoint what event set me off. but I went into a deep state of depression and could not climb out on my own. Everything I knew came from books or from fantasy hero’s I made up in my mind.  I felt like I wanted to die, but part of me wanted to live. Flashbacks came flooding in and nightmares haunted me every night. The cries within me started out slow but became louder over time. The emotional pain became unbearable and I had to do something to get relief.


I went to several therapists and Christian Counselors, but they did not seem to have a clue of what I was experiencing. They went by the same books I was taught, and I realized then just how useless the wisdom of the world is without some experience to back it up. It was time to act and face the darkness within. It was through that valley of death that I found recovery and resurrection. It was facing the untruths and darkness that finally set me free.

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MeToo Recovery

Have you Been Sexually Abused?  Do you suffer from Shame?     False Guilt?     Fear of what others might think, if they knew?  Do you suffer from nightmares?   Are you constantly reliving the trauma or have you repressed those memories into the darkness of your mind?  Do you find yourself losing time-forgetting how you got somewhere upon arrival?

​Do you suffer from Depression and Anxiety?  These are but a few of the symptoms we experience as a victim of abuse.  


Dream Therapy

God sends universal messages to all humans but oftentimes its personal based on your belief system.  This is where the therapy comes in. I do not use a book or a program to interpret a dream. I use your input then ask God for the interpretation.  If the message is unclear, I will ask you more questions until I have peace that I have given you the correct message. You play a part in the overal interpretation.  We will converse until you feel truth has been revealed and you have peace. This is important,  even when bad news is revealed, you will know inside, it is truth. It is only when the dream is Prophetic of a future event, that you may question the truth. (Abraham and Sarah questioned the pregnancy prophecy for a long time)!